"Episode 1: Grand Opening!" by Animal Crossing Town Hall
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Episode 1: Grand Opening!

With great happiness, I would like to present the first-ever episode of the Animal Crossing Town Hall Podcast! We talk about life, Animal Crossing, video games and what’s going on in our towns this week.

Other topics on this week’s show include our initial impressions of the game post-release, our favourite catches and what our goals are for playing the game! All in all, it’s a chill, conversational look at an amazing game; join us in a big comfy chair and enjoy!

This episode’s participants include:

Sarah from Lochwynne: Tumblr | Twitter | Posts
Dan from Maple: Tumblr | Twitter | Posts
Cory from Narshe: SiteTumblr | Twitter | Posts
and Matt from Mapleton: Tumblr | Twitter | Posts

The awesome K.K. Groove cover in our intro was made by SoundCloud user yosum58, who gave us permission to use his track! Sarah also made our awesome ACTH logo!

Give these cool cats a follow, and don’t forget to Like/Reblog/Follow if you like this podcast! We want to definitely do more of these as time goes on, so let us know what you think!

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    People talking about video games which involve anthropomorphic animals living in the middle of nowhere.
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    Aside from the Geek & Sundry vlog contest that’s been clogging my feed, I’ve been working on a side podcasting project...
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