"Episode 4: Close, But Not Quite" by Animal Crossing Town Hall
ACTH Episodes

Four episodes in, and it feels so good! We introduce a new mayor, Monica, and wax philosophical about expansions to the Animal Crossing series, what they could get away with without losing the core essence of the games, and what really makes AC what it is.

Mayors in this episode:

Monica from Awful: Tumblr | Twitter | Posts
Emily from Pinion: Tumblr | Twitter | Posts
Cory from Narshe: Site | Tumblr | Twitter | Posts
Matt from Mapleton: Tumblr | Twitter | Posts

Links mentioned in this podcast:


The awesome K.K. Groove cover in our intro was made by SoundCloud user yosum58, who gave us permission to use his track! Sarah also made our awesome ACTH logo!

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